Our Process

  • We take the time to understand your needs and propose the right combination of services.
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  • Complete Harrison Assessment
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  • Utilize Harrison Reports, Development Debrief, and selected services.
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  • Customer Satisfaction Survey – Help us continually improve.

It is our goal to help align your passions, gifts, and abilities with the right career and organization, and to start you on a path of life long development.

We accomplish this by providing individuals with full access to both a powerful assessment instrument and certified coaching. Many well-known organizations already use the Harrison Assessment for effective talent selection, development, and career advancement.

We live in extraordinary times with an accelerating pace of change. Many of us will find the need to “reinvent” ourselves to personally adapt to a rapidly changing work world. The Harrison Assessment development reports and Career Navigator application are valuable tools to take along on your journey.


· Puzzled College Student – I have finished my first year, doing well, what should I major in?

· Questioning Young Working Professional – I thought this is what I wanted, but cannot see  myself here in two years. What alternative occupations and career paths would I enjoy?

· Seasoned working professional with a great career in a great organization –  What are my blind spots or potential career derailleurs? What traits and capabilities do I need to develop to progress my career?

· Working professional who lost their job due to a reorganization placing them at a critical career crossroads – Before I launch into a career search for the same job, what other careers and industries should I consider? Are there other careers that better align with what I enjoy doing?

· Plateaued Working Professional – Why do I repeatedly find myself in the similar problem  situations at work? Why can’t I advance beyond my current organization level? Is there a  secret code to break into the executive ranks…what do I need to do to “break in”?

For Students

Finding a career that aligns with your interests, personality and the things you like doing is of the utmost importance. Our Career Navigator tool box is based on world-wide career research and clearly shows that when you find this alignment, you are three times more likely to succeed in your career. Don’t settle for less!

Harrison Career Assessment

· The Harrison Career Assessment is based on 25 years of experience.

· We offer a personalized interactive online technology used world-wide by career seekers, universities, schools, and corporations.

· Our 25 minute work preference questionnaire and career test measures 175 characteristics!

· See more than 650 careers ranked in order according to your likes and dislikes.

· Sort by education levels and search for enjoyment levels related to specific careers.

· Over 2 million people have benefited from the Career Navigator system. · Our unique system provides clear direction toward career success and fulfillment. Let us help you earn your income by doing what you love.

The Career Navigator puts the power of the Harrison Assessment directly into your hands. The Career Navigator works great as an exercise between parents and a son or daughter who may be considering next steps after high school. Career Navigator options brings into focus current interests, work environment preferences, interpersonal skills, motivations, personality patterns, and job related behaviors that help with education and career-related decisions. Your career choice is one of the most important choices in your life and will likely have a big impact on your happiness and fulfillment.


For Working Professionals


Part of Your Talent Matters is designed for people who may not be content with their job, considering another career, considering a promotion or searching for a new career that leverages their passions. We can help! The Harrison Assessment is the only behavioral assessment built for work from day one, and for the past 25 years has developed valid and predictive research on over 650 jobs. Wouldn’t you like to know how your interests, motivations, personality patterns and job related behavior preferences align with career options? This package involves a one-on-one consultation service and leverages the full power of the Harrison to help clarify what job options are suitable for you and which ones are not.

Harrison Development Reports

Harrison Assessment Paradox Technology accurately determines whether a person’s behavioral tendencies are strengths or derailleurs in a given role, as well as your behavior when under stress. It’s a great way to show what you may be doing right, while at the same time encourage balancing factors that will enhance performance and job satisfaction.


The Development Reports are designed for anyone seeking professional development for a specific job. The Harrison Assessment Job Success Analysis Report pinpoints development needs for specific jobs. Did you ever wonder if you had any blind spots? Do you want to know if there are specific job related behavior traits that could potentially derail you from achieving your goals? Want to know how your current job related behavior preferences compare to the promotion you aspire to? Self development is often times what sets you apart from all others and the Harrison will help you get to where you want to go.