Talent Matters helps organizations hire, develop, promote and retain top talent. Our assessment tools effectively address selection, individual and team development, and succession needs to manage talent from front line to executive levels.


Talent Management is about aligning passions with business results.

Talent Acquisition

The Harrison Assessment enables you to hire the right talent by measuring behavioral requirements that directly relate to a specific job.

Talent Development

The assessment identifies strengths to leverage as well as behaviors that may hinder effectiveness, allowing for step change in performance.

Succession Planning

Predict the likelihood of success at multiple levels within an organization and create a plan to accelerate progress.

Team Development

Harrison Assessment Paradox Technology enables individual team members to easily identify how their own behaviors both contribute and obstruct team objectives.


Measure leadership behaviors that are known to drive work force engagement and retention.


Engage and Retain Your Talent. Reduce the cost of hiring and the rate of employee turnover by developing and promoting leaders who deliver needed results.

Leadership Development

We believe people leave managers not organizations, therefore leadership development is imperative at all levels.

First 100 Day Coaching

100 Day Plan includes key messages, accountability, execution of plan, problem-solve new challenges, and avoiding common fatal mistakes.

Facilitate Team Integration

Neutral skilled facilitation activities that help outside or newly promoted talent successfully on-board and accelerate the learning process.

Associate Insights

Provide the hiring manager with reports on how to “Manage and Develop” and “Engage and Retain.”

We utilize state-of-the-art assessments that pinpoint underlying traits. Our Certified Master Coaches are focused on affecting measurable behavior change and developing new capabilities.

Developmental Coaching

Partner with clients to identify and achieve their developmental goals with a focus on behavior change that leads to desired business results.

Career Crossroads Coaching

Being a trusted partner by helping leaders assume a bigger role to think and act effectively at the next organizational level.

Leading Change

For managers engaged in leading complex changes in their organization.

In Transition

We coach job seekers in all aspects of a successful job search, beginning with a structured process to reflect upon where the person has been, what they really enjoy, and where they want to go next.

The pace of change is accelerating. Only outwardly focused, innovative, adaptive, and fast organizations will prosper as we approach what Ray Kurzwell has named the “Singularity.”

Organizational Assessment

Assess the current effectiveness of your organization (or targeted part of your business) against your strategy and business objectives.

Course Correction

Identify needed changes and capabilities to achieve your strategy and business plan.

Implementation & Execution

Devise specific implementation plans with clear accountability time frames and execute the plan.

Learning Organization

Capture learning through After Action Reviews.

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